Monday, March 18, 2013

How to Plan for Your Dream Retirement Home

USA Today ran a story recently about what to consider when planning for your dream home, the place where you will retire and finally (hopefully) settle down.

This is an important decision that requires many factors including proximity to friends and family, nearby social clubs or religious organizations and financial factors as well.

Here are three important takeaway items from to keep in mind when planning to invest in a retirement home for your future:
  1. Consider the layout of the home. Does it have stairs? Are the rooms easily accessible?
  2. Does the surrounding location provide a variety of activities and entertainment appropriate for your ideal lifestyle?
  3. If you're looking to relocate, do it while you're still young so you can enjoy it and make sure it's the place for you to settle down.
As a homeowner planning for your future, make a list of what's important to you in your retirement in order to help you determine what your needs are for the property of your dreams.

Real estate agents, if you're helping one of your clients find their ideal fit, schedule an introductory session where you can help them to outline their needs 

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