Friday, March 29, 2013

Home Staging Tips featured 12 home staging tips to help prepare houses to sell. These basic suggestions can really trick the eye when potential buyers are walking from room-to-room. Read on to see what the pros say about staging homes to perfection!

  1. Create a balanced space
  2. Don't overcrowd rooms
  3. Upgrade with eco-friendly materials
  4. Repurpose your resources
  5. Create serene bedrooms
  6. Make awkward spaces functional
  7. Update with paint
  8. Build a memorable first impression
  9. Invest in contemporary appliances
  10. Revamp the kitchen
  11. Update outdated bathrooms
Also a myth buster for you - floor-to-ceiling mirrors do not make a room look bigger!

Click here to view a slideshow with photos and more information.

*Photo via HGTV

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