Wednesday, March 27, 2013

What Home Buyers Want

During the housing boom, the caliber of additional features in homes could often be seen as extravagant. No longer are the days of excessive extras as we acknowledge the days of back to the basics. The National Association of Home Builders did a study on the realities of what home buyers want in this economy. The results were simple. They want features that make day-to-day organization easier and that decrease the cost of their everyday bills. We've developed this graphic which represents the top "most wanted" list of basics for a new home, according to the National Association of Home Builders study.

Let's break down the logistics of how some of these features can be cost and time-saving for your clients...
  • Table space for eating eliminates the need to purchase an additional table for the kitchen.
  • Energy star appliances save on electric costs.
  • A laundry room saves on time (and gas money) by eliminating the need to travel to a laundry mat.
  • Ceiling fans can lessen the need for air conditioning.
  • A linen closet in the bathroom allows for optimum organization which results in time saving measures.
  • Now more than ever, people are storing canned goods and products for emergency preparedness. A walk-in pantry allows more space for just that.
  • Energy star rated windows can save on air conditioning and heating, as they lock in the room temperature.
  • Garage storage can also aid in providing room for rainy day storage or coupon freebies for families on a budget.
  • Exterior lighting eliminates the need for purchasing additional lighting for the home.
Keep this list on hand because some of these features may seem basic enough to your buyer that they assume most homes will have these assets. It's important to determine if your buyer wants to cut down on monthly costs and efficiency once they're in their new home. Going over the list with them can help establish their position.

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