Friday, April 19, 2013

Shake Up and Wake Up

Wow! Did any of you attend Shake Up and Wake Up at movie theaters across the United States yesterday? Talk about inspiring. About 25,000 real estate professionals gathered in front of movie screens as famous football coach Lou Holtz and top real estate coach Brian Buffini provided invaluable insight and wisdom about the real estate industry and life itself.

The event kicked off with Lou Holtz. This man is pure wisdom. He entertained audiences with delightful stories and more importantly engaged us all in how to tune into the most important factors in life; trust, commitment and love. He taught us that if we create dreams for ourselves and then focus on the present to accomplish daily tasks that benefit that ultimate goal, we can accomplish our visions. Holtz shared that if we exit bad situations with grace and dignity, far better opportunities will present themselves on the horizon, much like his career winning move to lead Notre Dame to victory. Let's just say the event could have ended there and all 25,000 of us could have walked away feeling refreshed and invigorated, but it wasn't done yet...

Then, Brian Buffini stepped in and leveraged what his mentor Lou Holtz taught us by catering the message specifically to the real estate industry. He focused on these five key principles of why real estate agents struggle:
  1. Peaks and valleys in income - Buffini taught that the only workaround for this is lead generation year-round, not just after a closing.
  2. Not knowing where the next lead is coming from - The answer to this is developing systems. If you do this you will...
    • S. ave
    • Y. our
    • S. elf
    • T. ime
    • E. nergy
    • M. oney
  3. Not being able to stand out against the competition - Provide value and benefit to your clients by sending out resources (systematically of course) such as how to raise your credit score, how to stage your home and statistics about your current market.
  4. Not having a skillset for the market - Go to educational events, such as Shake Up and Wake Up to keep yourself at the forefront of your industry so you're prepared for everything.
  5. Being disorganized - In order to stay organized, Buffini suggests you:
    • Prioritize
    • Remove and Replace
    • Start Today!
If you attended this incredible event, we'd love to hear what your takeaways were. We hope you're buzzing with energy and ideas just as we are after that one-of-a-kind presentation!

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